• Works smoothly on any internet.
  • Concurrent data access.
  • Email and SMS support.
  • Supports BUSY Business Accounting Software as of now.
  • Works with both BUSY Access and SQL Server.
  • Tally integration underway.


  • Can be used for sending reminders, updates, promotions, schemes and wishes.
  • Reduces the manual work of preparing reports, writing and sending alerts.
  • Increases the productivity. Because alerts are configured once and triggered
    automatically on scheduled date & time.
  • Helps improve the quality. Because alerts are system generated hence lesser
    chances of mistake(s).

Data Management

  • We introduced the concept of data plug-in to make our application compatible
    with different type of data sources.
  • As of now, BUSY data plug-in is available. Data plug-ins for other applications
    (like Tally, Marg and other popular ERPs) will be available soon.
  • Data plug-in configuration to access data from various sources.
  • Data explorer to facilitate easy and simple data handling.


  • Email and SMS.


  • Data encryption for better security.
  • No third party involvement except email or SMS provider.


  • Data compression for better performance.


  • Built-in support for handling daily and hourly email quotas.
  • Logging and Tracing.

User Friendly

  • Light and easy installation.
  • Simple and easy configuration.
  • Rich yet user friendly.

Supported Platforms

  • Aloof Alert supports all major windows operating systems.