SMS Integration

In this module there is a facility of direct SMS to Debtors or creditors at the time of any transaction such as bill detail to party regarding new bills, SMS Receipt, Payment, Promotional & Greetings.


With Alerts feature, you can define various conditions on occurrence of which you would be intimated about the same. For example, you can define an alert that whenever a cash payment of more than 50,000 is made, immediately a message is sent to the Super User intimating about the cash payment. In BUSY, you have the option to send message, Email or SMS to a person whenever the condition you have specified for raising Alert will be met.

Custom Columns

Custom Columns are the columns that a User can add to a report as per his requirement. With Custom columns option, any column or row can be added to the report. This provides Users with a lot of flexibility to view any related data in the report. Basically by using Custom columns, User can create his own customized report as required by him. Apart from this, same report can be viewed in different formats also. By using Custom columns, one can create any number of formats for each report.

Web Based Reporting

With Web based reporting, you can view selected reports online through browser from Anywhere, Anytime and Any Device.

Email Query

With Email Query option, you can get details from your company’s data by just sending an Email. With Email Query, you can send your query (Service Code) in the subject line of the Email and in return you will get the reply through an Email which will contain the relevant data or report as an attachment. For example, you want to view the account ledger of a party. In such a case, you will send an Email with the following text in the Subject line AccLedger @Comp0001 ABC Traders. Here AccLedger is the Service Code, Comp0001 is the company code and ABC Traders is the name of the party.

Bill of Material

In BUSY, various ways are implemented for the easy working of manufacturing and assembling, Issue/receipt is one of them. If you want to make many items from one item like –Rice from paddy for this reverse manufacturing option, busy has the provision. Even direct manufacturing option is available through which you can maintain the stock of raw materials used and automatically calculate the raw materials used in sold items.

Voucher / Master Approval

In this feature, you can tag various Users to different voucher series and Masters which they can approve. Basically by enabling this feature, you can distribute approval rights of different vouchers and Masters to different Users.

SMS Query

SMS Query is a very powerful feature as by using this feature, you can send and receive SMS on BUSY data. With SMS Query, you can send your query through SMS and in return you will get the reply through an SMS on your Mobile phone. Basically the SMS you will send will contain the Service Code as provided by BUSY. This Service Code is fixed and is to be sent in the format as specified by BUSY. For example, if you want to know the account balance of a party then you have to send an SMS as AccBal @SMC ABC Traders. Here AccBal is the Service Code to get the account balance, @SMC is the name of the company

Self Define Fields

It is impossible to run each and every business on some pattern. Many times customers require certain fields in items or bills to get data input according to their needs. Even sometimes customer demand for calculation on the basis of these fields or there are some items in which some extra details are required like – color, size, model no., warrantee, date, style etc.

Final Results Configuration

With Final Results Configuration option you can configure different formats in which you want to view the final statements i.e. Balance Sheet and Profit & Loss account.

Email Integration

In email module there is facility to send Email through SMTP like Gmail, yahoo, hotmail etc as well as to send e-mail through outlook. You can email softcopy of invoice, ledger, receipt voucher and all concerned reports directly to the customer on a single click, and also to any other email of the management you want.