Busy Pak Infotech


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Busy Pak Infotech (BPI) offers a diverse range of products in Pakistan, including Busy Accounting Software, TSplus, Magenta BI, and Cloud Services. These solutions cater to various business needs, from accounting and remote access to advanced analytics and scalable cloud infrastructure, helping businesses enhance efficiency and drive growth.

tsplus provider in pakistan

TS Plus

TSplus, a sophisticated remote access solution, utilizes advanced RDP technology for seamless desktop access. Busy Pak Infotech (BPI) exclusively provides TSplus in Pakistan, ensuring secure connectivity for businesses.

Magenta BI

BPI is the exclusive provider of Magenta BI in Pakistan. This advanced analytical tool offers actionable insights and recommendations to enhance business growth strategies.

Cloud Services

Busy Pak Infotech (BPI) provides extensive cloud services in Pakistan, offering virtual servers for data storage, enabling scalable operations for SMEs without local infrastructure management.