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BusyPak Infotech is an Official Distributor of BUSY Business Accounting Software, which is one of the leading players in accounting and inventory management software. BUSY Accounting Software is an integrated business accounting software for Micro, Small and Medium businesses. With over 6 Lac users in 20 countries. With an installation base of over 800,000 installations worldwide.

BusyPak Infotech is the only company in Pakistan which specializes in offering BUSY accounting software and services to companies in Pakistan. Within a short span of time we are leading the market as far as accounting and inventory management software and services are concerned. Our company contributes to the modern business world, strengthening businesses by ensuring not only the satisfaction of our clients but also aiding them in heading towards extraordinary success with great speed. Our services are not limited to any specific industry or industries. Members of our clientele come from diverse backgrounds and we align our capabilities to meet the individual needs of the various industries.

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Our company joyfully enjoys the vision of its principals, hard and smart work of its employees and respect of its clients. Achieving over a 100% in performance, and results we like to measure our success and growth in terms of our extra ordinary client successes and remarkable development of the people within our company. Being a people centric entity, we not only maintain the best people within the team, or focus on the needs of the clients we serve, we also work with the best people in terms of competence and uprightness. We focus on the development of our people within our organization, which invariably results in the extraordinary success enjoyed by all our clients. Attracting and retaining the best expertise, the people in our enterprise exhibit the rare combination of competence, diligence and honesty.unorthographic life One day however

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Our Mission

To make our clients become more secure, productive and cost efficient through the products and services and competent solutions. Therefore, our mission is simple i.e. make technology an asset for business, not a problem.

Our Vision

To be the most preferred and trusted provider of integrated accounting, inventory management and sales tax software, providing our clients with world class products, most reliable solutions and top-notch services in the region.

Our Goals

Providing efficient solutions and software that make their operations cost efficient and would best suit their needs and requirements to achieve clients’ expectations and maintain a high degree of satisfaction.