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Comprehensive Remote Desktop Access

TSplus Remote Access

TSplus Remote Access offers a reliable and scalable way to web-enable your Windows Applications hosted on premise or in the cloud.
TSplus empowers users with instant, intuitive and seamless access to Windows-based applications and desktops, from any browser on any device, including PCs, Macs, smartphones and tablets.

Remote Desktop Access

Create full desktops for users to remotely access centralized apps from anywhere and any device.

Create a SaaS solution

Web-enable your applications to offer it as a SaaS to your clients. Control how they can access it and more.

Web-enable legacy Apps​

Extend the life of your legacy Apps by web-enabling them without redeveloping them. Keep your clients happy with your current UI.

Deliver applications locally

Reduce IT cost by not redeveloping your apps or purchasing expensive alternatives. Our permanent licenses last for life.

Optimize your IT budget

Web-enable your applications to offer it as a SaaS to your clients. Control how they can access it and more.

Secure your infrastructure

SSL-encrypt your remote connections. Add TSplus Advanced Security and TSplus 2FA to maximize your remote infrastructure security.

TSplus Advanced Security

In a few clicks, TSplus Advanced Security enables you to block attacks on your Remote Desktop and Application Servers with powerful security features combined for the first time.
Limit incoming connections by country or region. Defeat and permanently block automated login attacks. Even block 368 million known hacker IP addresses from day 1.

Secure your Remote Work infrastructure

Secure your IT infrastructure as you transition to remote working. As hackers are more present than ever, ensure maximum security with our all-in-one cybersecurity toolbox.

Fine-tune security to your needs

Define how remote employees can work remotely in a few clicks, what they can access, at what time and from what country and device.

Maximize security. Minimize cost.

Obtain the best value-for-money cybersecurity software out there. TSplus Advanced Security comes with permanent licenses that last for life.

What our customers say

"At Shortcuts, we are true believers in TSplus’ added value. We have been using the software for 6 years now and we are extremely satisfied. Apart from being a great product, we love the after sales service and support. We have over 1000 clients using the feature."
Tony Antoniou
CTO at Shortcuts Software
"The TSplus RDP application has enabled us to create a whole new SaaS division for our customers running on 10 servers with over 550+ simultaneous log ins. The software has been rock solid for the past two years. Technical support is superb, making TSplus the total RDP solution at an extremely affordable price!"
Kent Crabtree
Senior IT Director at Maximus
"TSplus  is incredibly effective, easy to deploy and manage, and fits our budget perfectly.  It was really a no-brainer for me, and has served us well so far, especially during the Covid crisis when the majority of our (minimally computer proficient) staff are working from home now."
Jack Riggen
IT coordinator at Vistability